The Shareletter Newsletter is a product of the Milwaukee Friends Meeting and has been published – off and on – since 1990.  The purpose of this publication is to provide a vehicle to share the creative and spiritual leadings of our hearts in the form of essays, book reviews, poetry, photography, art and spiritual insights.  Shareletter is published quarterly. All content reflects the opinion and work of the individual authors and is not the official position of the broader Meeting.

Mission:  Shareletter is an online Blog, written to deepen the connection between Friends and to introduce the broader public to Quaker thought, faith, and practice.

Editorial Guide – If you wish to contribute to the Shareletter Newsletter, please adhere to the following guidelines.

Style:  The Shareletter Newsletter is an online blog designed to be professional in style and content, using short sentences, bold headings, pictures, color, and graphics in order to convey an inviting presence.  

All written materials shall be limited to 1,250 words, submitted in an electronic format such as Microsoft Word or Google Docs.  All art or photographs must be original or presented with the permission of the artist/photographer.

The Shareletter editorial team retains the final say on all publications.

Submissions  – please email all material for submission to the Shareletter Newsletter to: Shareletter@milwaukeequakers.org

Submission Deadlines:

Quarterly Issue Deadline Date
March Last Friday in February
June Last Friday in May
September Last Friday in August
December Last Friday in November

Editorial Team

Editor: Mike Soika, shareletter@milwaukeequakers.org