Thirteen Random Acts of Autumn

by Carolyn Muchhala

wind hurls leaves at the sun

rusty leaf boats spin downstream

small leaves catch the updrafts as sparrows might                    

the ash tree stands tall in its nakedness

tattered leaves on a topmost branch frame the glowing sky   

one scarlet leaf drifts through the mist

rain imprints maple leaf jigsaws on the step

golden leaves litter the driveway like finches dying

popples unleafed lean into each other

half a leaf smacks the windshield

brittle leaves sound a warning in the woods

leaf clumps hide a mud slick

oak leaves cling

they cling

they cling

Published in exhibit booklet for the Christine Alfery art exhibit 

at the Thelma Sadoff Gallery, Fond du Lac WI (March, 2018) and

on Your Daily Poem (, (November 15, 2018)