Color of Peace

By Rob Vugrnick

When Peace grows what color will it be?

Peace cannot be red, bleed red

Peace cannot be blue, feel blue

Peace cannot be yellow, hidden by sunlight

When Peace grows could it be green?

Green peace fed by a yellow sun.

Green peace covered by a blue sky.

Green peace sang to by red Cardinals.

Does Peace have to come and go?

Blue skies turn dark

Yellow sun goes away.

Red Cardinals live and die.

Does Peace have to be a cycle too?

Yellow sun darkened by human acts

Blue skies used by human crafts

Red Cardinals silenced by human deeds.

What happens when Peace does die?

Red bleeds since part of humanity dies too.

Blue feelings encompass young and old

Yellow sun yet, comes again………

What can I do to keep Peace growing green?

Help plant unselfishness where shines yellow

Help plant love in hearts turned blue

Help plant uncompromised value for not shedding red