Are We Really Concerned About Peace?

By Jim Schact

I have concluded that the Peace Testimony conflicts with basically ever other testimony.

Speaking truth internally or externally always disrupts peace.

Social justice disrupts peace.

Caring about climate change is agonizing and disrupts peace.

Education disrupts the peace of ignorance.

Giving up controlling others unsettles.

Facing our fears disrupts, as does confronting violence.

Caring about others disrupts our emotional peace, as does parenting.

Pick another testimony which does not involve aspiring personally or collectively, both disruptive.

Love will give you no peace.

Given how much disruption of the status quo we have caused and how much our honesty with each other challenges us, I think we need to realize how much we aren’t Buddhists seeking worldly detachment, or the apathetic caring nothing for the world.

We don’t follow anything or anyone blindly so that we always have inner conflict and doubts.  We seek the Kingdom on Earth, which conflicts with what is. We don’t even seek the peace of death. So how much concern do we really have for peace?