Yes, There is a Spiritual Solution to Every Problem

By Margo Skrentny

I believe, now in my Life, that seeking a spiritual solution to problems is the only way to live. I am learning to be comfortable with and trust these spiritual principles the better I get to know of them and practice them. The alternative is always, always too painful. I must go through to get through, though. There is a saying that helps me with this: when the pain of not doing something becomes greater than the pain of doing it ,we will change.

An example would be when I procrastinate. it’s a problem because it nags at me and eventually makes me feel bad about myself. So when I apply the principles of acceptance, willingness and maybe even selflove, and I finally complete the task, not only is the problem resolved but I also feel better about myself.

Another problem may be something I may feel powerless over, so much so that I seem unable to be, or have, or see any possibility of change in any way. Practicing acceptance helps me to let go of the anxiety around the problem. Then, being openminded helps me to be able to hear or see or sense a possible way forward to resolve the issue. That, and a willingness not to judge the way when it comes to me but instead embrace it; to thank my God for it, and begin to take the guided action (another spiritual principle) to resolve the (?perceived) problem.