What I Did Last Summer

By Terri Piszczor

Last summer, I had the extraordinary experience of spending 8 weeks in Meru, Kenya at International Peace Initiatives (IPI) – a home for orphaned children of HIV parents.  This journey was part of my summer fieldwork for my graduate studies.  I am currently finishing up a graduate student at UW-Milwaukee studying Sustainable Peacebuilding.  As many know, peace is not an absence of war but an absence of injustices against human dignity.  I sought to help IPI by providing organizational management skills from my years as a program manager. It was my joy to share time at this amazing non-profit and not only help out but to learn so much from the founder of IPI, Dr. Karambu Ringera, and the children there.

At the end of the summer, I had enough iPhone video to create a short documentary film to celebrate the 10-year journey undertaken by IPI to create a self-sustainable home for orphaned children of HIV parents in Meru, Kenya.

My words fail to fully express the inspiring story of this organization, so I invite you to view film that was created:

For additional information and how to contribute to this amazing organization, please visit ipeacei.org