Reflections on ZOOM Worship

By Janet Hilliker

  • I still can’t shake hands or hug anyone.
  • There are more distractions in my home (cat noises, traffic outside, downstairs TV)
  • Technical glitches disrupt our worship process.
  • Unfortunately I am very aware that while looking at Zoom, I can also look up stuff online!  Temptation!

 But there seem to be many positive aspects:

  • My chair is comfortable.
  • I get to meet some people’s pets.
  • I can blow my nose off camera!
  • I have a glimpse inside Friends’ homes.
  • I can drink coffee during worship (not sure if that’s a plus or not).
  • Many people from far away can join us.
  • I can use the restroom without disturbing anyone, and there are (presumably) enough restrooms free to accommodate all of us.
  • I continue to experience the sense of shared community and the presence of Spirit. 
  • I feel profound growth in my feelings of love for each of us individually and as a Meeting.